Italian Modern Free Standing Wall Unit with a Drop Front Bar by NijiFurnishing
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Italian Modern Free Standing Wall Unit with a Drop Front Bar by NijiFurnishing

$2,500.00 USD

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Only the Italians seem to be able to combine effortlessly the ostentatious traditions of historical furniture making with a flair for the modern forms, angles, and philosophies. Perhaps there are some sensibilities that are passed down through an iterative process and seamless cultural inheritance.

Other than its obvious attitude and personality, this free-standing wall unit has many features that make it a Swiss army knife of furniture that can find a home anywhere from the bedroom, living room, dining room, or large hallway. Ample cabinet space, open display shelving, drawers, a drop front bar, and a full armoire for your wardrobe. The bay on the right sight appears to make for an excellent record console, with the turntable on the open shelf and record storage below.

The regal character is also contrasted by a splash of the casual on the bar door (where the fun is bound to be found anyway).

A deceptive behemoth, the unit can actually be fully disassembled and transported into almost any size home or staircase, as long as the wall space is sufficient. If you live in a tiny New York apartment building, it could create a ship-in-the-bottle effect, leaving your guests to wonder how you managed to fit such a piece without tearing down walls and doorways.

Because assembly and disassembly is a multi-step process and more complicated than a standard setup, our preference would be for us to personally deliver and install the wall unit. If you live outside of our delivery radius however, contact us and we will look into available options.

110L x 20.75 (24 for the armoire)W x 61 (70 for the armoire)H

Feel free to contact us with any questions! Listed shipping rate is for local pickup/local delivery only. If you live in the NYC-Baltimore-DC metro area, we have special delivery rates and options for you. If you live outside of that area, and you'd like the piece shipped to you, contact us for options!