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Restored Heywood Wakefield M593 Credenza by NijiFurnishing

$850.00 USD

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The evocations of retro-futurism and the utopic ideals of the deco-era are a huge part of why we love the Heywood Wakefield Encore series. So much so, that we can't let one go to waste when it's destined for the trash heap! Arrived at our doorstep in less than presentable condition, we knew some TLC and time-consuming, methodical work was all it needed to restore the luster of its bygone age.

As always for our Heywood Wakefield restorations, we don't follow the original blueprint to the letter. Rather, we prefer to apply our own sensibilities and make it distinctly "our piece". Whereas the original finishes have an opaque stain and a very thick lacquer, we have emphasized character of the the birch wood, and made sure all of the finish is in the wood, instead of on top of it. Birch is a naturally beautiful wood, with many figures, curls, and stripes, which we've now revealed and deepened; the piece almost appears to shift tone and color depending on the angle and the lighting. We also made sure all of the finish is in the wood, instead of sitting on top of it.

Could function well in as a hallway table/storage unit, a buffet or server in a dining room, or as a flashy media console.

Outfitted with 1 full length top drawer, 3 smaller drawers and 2 doors. Each door has 2 shelves.

Made from solid American birch, which goes a long way to explaining how it's been around for 60 years without serious structural problems. ]

"Like new" condition, restored as the "Champagne" finish.

54" x 18" x 34"