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Broyhill "Emphasis" Walnut Armoire by NijiFurnishing

$850.00 USD

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"Emphasis" was one of the collections in the Broyhill "Premiere" line that was to cater to the higher-end market, and featuring sculpted torpedo pulls, brass tabs for the doors, and a killer leg profile.

For those who need versatility and vertical storage, this tall dresser functions like a utility closet, with the trifecta of storage: drawers, trays, and cubbies. Trays make for an excellent way to organize your socks, undergarments, belts, suspenders, leggings, etc, while the cubbies make for a great place to hide away your hoodies and sweatpants for, you know, those days.

Finely built, and in very good condition, with only some minor wear and tear. The most evident are a series of small dents along the ridge below the doors as pictured in the 8th photo.

44.25 L x 19 W x 50.5 H

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